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Wissla of Sweden Vegan D3 - 90 capsules

Wissla of Sweden Vegan D3 - 90 capsules

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Vitamin D is the vitamin that has received the most attention and has become a popular dietary supplement in households. Vitamin D is formed in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. We who live in Northern latitudes do not have the opportunity to get as much vitamin D via the sun during the winter months, therefore many researchers believe that it may be a good idea to take this supplement during this time. Vitamin D3 contributes to: - Normal function of the immune system - Normal absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus - Normal calcium levels in the blood - Maintaining normal bone structure - Maintaining normal muscle function - Maintaining normal teeth - Vitamin D has a role in the cell division process Contents - 90 Vegetable capsules - One jar lasts for 90 days - 100% plastic-free jar - The product is made in Sweden



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