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Wissla of Sweden Vegan B12 - 100 tablets

Wissla of Sweden Vegan B12 - 100 tablets

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 A rhubarb flavored lozenge. Wisslas of Sweden's B-12 contains methylcobalamin, this is also the biological formula found in the body. Most often, cyanocobalamin is used in food supplements, which the body must convert into methylcobalamin. We have removed that step. We have also flavored the tablets with one of Sweden's favorite flavors Rhubarb. Vitamin B-12 contributes to: - the normal function of the immune system - to reduce fatigue and exhaustion - normal energy metabolism - normal function of the nervous system - normal homocysteine ​​metabolism - normal psychological function - normal formation of red blood cells - Vitamin B-12 has a role in the cell division process Extra important with Vitamin B12 for those who eat less animal foods such as meat, fish and milk, but also for older people as the ability to absorb B-12 from food decreases with age.



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