Our Story


Hello! We are Garrett and Ashley, two Americans living in Stockholm for almost a decade with our two children. For years, we have been focused on reducing waste in our own lives, starting with small habits at home. After our daughter Sofia was born, we became increasingly more aware of how much waste is produced in everyday life and tried to build in new practices from the start. 

In today's world, choosing to live without waste is inconvenient and we aim to change that. We believe strongly in progress over perfection. It is better to do a few small things each day, instead of doing nothing because you cannot be perfect. 

We hope to hear from you or see you in our shop in Bagis soon! 


Lagaplan 5, Bagarmossen's Centrum

0762 05 29 57 | hej@hushalletstockholm.se

Tuesday - Friday: 12 - 18  |  Saturday: 10 -16  |  Sunday: 12 - 16



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